Rewards not appearing on the website / Real-time update of rewards?

Hey all,

I’m creating this post to raise awareness regarding a few things:

  1. Mirror appears to have stopped applying rewards to accounts as of 2 hours ago. As a liquidity provider, my balance has not changed over this time. Typically I see my balance update often.

  2. Would it be possible to update our reward balances in real-time similar to other staking/farming platforms?

  3. I realize that the team is on KST, but what is the proper channel to report incidents or critical issues (rewards not being applied would be critical to this platform) ?

EDIT Thanks to @madeyourook for the link - it looks like the rewards stopped getting distributed at 2021.04.25 09:47:44-05:00, so we’re quite a few hours behind on rewards.

Thank you!


Same for me. Started on Sunday around 1/2pm GMT.

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This urgently needs to be fixed.


me too. what’s going on?

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It has been fixed a couple of hours ago!