Rewards not appearing on the website / Real-time update of rewards?

Hey all,

I’m creating this post to raise awareness regarding a few things:

  1. Mirror appears to have stopped applying rewards to accounts as of 2 hours ago. As a liquidity provider, my balance has not changed over this time. Typically I see my balance update often.

  2. Would it be possible to update our reward balances in real-time similar to other staking/farming platforms?

  3. I realize that the team is on KST, but what is the proper channel to report incidents or critical issues (rewards not being applied would be critical to this platform) ?

EDIT Thanks to @madeyourook for the link - it looks like the rewards stopped getting distributed at 2021.04.25 09:47:44-05:00, so we’re quite a few hours behind on rewards.

Thank you!


Same for me. Started on Sunday around 1/2pm GMT.

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This urgently needs to be fixed.


me too. what’s going on?

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It has been fixed a couple of hours ago!

Same issue, as of today, May 27.

Some updates. I see minor activity that certainly does not match the APR, if rewards were distributed hourly or daily, regularly.

I will give it 15 days, as the APR is calculated over an average of 15-day intervals, because it appears rewards are distributed on by hour, block, day, but when fees are accumulated.

It appears rewards are indeed paid in MIR, and likely we would need to allow 2-3 15-day intervals in order to calculate the rewards and match to the APR.

So what do we have to understand, is there any reward to stake mir for governance? Or is it stopped?
I don’t see reward, and clearly not representating at least the 134% APR

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Note the APR is calculated based on a “15-day averaged MIR rewards”, because my understanding is that the rewards - unlike with the liquidity pools - are not awarded every block or hour or day. I am allowing a couple of weeks and will expect the awards to reflect that. Likely will allow it a full month before taking action. I, too, did not see awards the first 48 hours I staked, then I saw some rewards, but those so far are far below what the averaged daily reward should be to get to 130%+ they have quoted. We’ll find out. So far, it seems that rewards are calculated and paid in MIR tokens for governance.

And to that point , there wont be many CDP closures when the market is closed due to masset premiums.

Ok, thx, would be nice to know the exact process of rewarding…

We’re stacking, but it seems that there’s a mis representation of the actual reward.

Hi, I started staking MIR two days ago but I am not seeing any rewards updated, has the problem been fixed for you? Thanks.

First week of the 15-day period, rewards have come in on irregular time intervals, but on average, exactly as stated.

I posted elsewhere, First week of the 15-day period, rewards have come in on irregular time intervals, but on average, exactly as stated.

The engagement it’s so high when we are speaking about the rewards but not on the topics where we get to improve the protocol with new ideas.
We need to do something about the governance and incentivize people to participate more into the forum and discussion around mirror! Most of the users care about the airdrops and rewards! At least do something in return for the free money.