Sector Spiders ETFs / Broad Market

I have been using Mirror now to trade many items I use to trade on Fidelity (USO, SLV, VIX). I was thinking that if Mirror had broad market coverage (Sector Spider ETFs) would give investors & traders the ability to take a position on various sectors.

  • S&P 500 Market: SPY
  • Energy: XLE
  • Tech: XLK and other sectors.

I wanted to get the communities take on this type of offering.

less ETF’s pls if we can track prices of each asset individually. tracking indivuall assets makes so much more sende than derived products of them.

not always i think mirror is a great tool to hedge against crypto volatility so some ETFs that put more weight on hedging market upside or downside are pretty good stable mechanisms that allow you to make very nice APR by providing liquidity without risking loosing much of portfolio value. I suggest just put it up for vote in governance and let see what happens, you get my vote !

Appreciate the feedback. Sector investing provides some good opportunities. Review the YTD returns on the post there are sectors where going LONG where great and SHORT for minting opportunities would be good as well.