Short position closed, but UST proceed still locked!

I have some short positions opened within the past two weeks, now I can close the position, however, UST funds are still locked but not released.

Another bug. By the time the fund become available, the UST may be worth 0 USD.

It warms my heart to know that atleast some justice is being served.

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Karma will hit you for being a dick

Seems like it is already getting you ser.

Maybe stop making malicious polls?

whatever loss you asshole caused users will be the amount you spent on medicine for you and your family.

Is that an actual threat?

IWO you are losing it.

Not a threat, but a wish for the malicious idiot who caused the change eventually locked up millions of UST funds for the users when UST still worth a little.

How did I cause this?

Hey Ox, could you share the current thinking of the Mirror Council? are you moving on from Terra 1.0 or are there still people that will be maintaining the protocol? Been trading it and wondering if i should continue.


I won’t be playing any role in any of this going forward.

i was able to claim my UST from 2 weeks ago. Was surprised based on all of the comments and makes me want to try to short farm again when things are stable.

Does that go for the rest of the MSC?

They can speak for themselves.