Show us the order book!

ATTN TO: decision takers of Mirror

the current trading capabilities are too primitive, for us the users and for the protocol!
it results a BAD trading experience.

show us the order book, the blotter, for each mAssets, in order we can place and bring liquidity to the protocol. ITS AN ABSOLUTE MUST.

let us reduce the spreads by bringing a clearer trading features/capabilities, like a Binance or an FTX.

you can stay a DEX while showing us the order book.

today millions of classic traders would be ready to trade on Mirror, but unfortunately the current trading experience is a big BREAK for the evolution of Mirror.

you want to track financial assets, so try to bring the same level of trading features than financial assets!


There is no order book because its an AMM. But once mAssets are on Astroport with concentrated liquidity at the oracle price youll get what you want, however its not going to be ‘like binance’ because it will always be pushed back to the oracle price which comes from the real world markets not from mirror traders.


Hi Yod,

thx for ur fast reply.
i never trade at oracle price but always with huge slippage in buy or sell.
where can i find information about how the AMM/Astroport match orders together.
where can i learn on that process?

thx again,