SIMP-3: Change Short-Farm Maximum Reward Allocation from 40% to 100%

I think if we want @josephsavage to put up the poll again, we need to back him with our MIR rewards we got from voting on the poll. He lost 1k MIR from his personal stash, not from the MSC. The address is here: terra13c5ug0a343m0lpz3a2l4sqfr3d2zj4lkhpp6ky

As a community, we should help him out if everyone thinks it is important.


I do not think he should suffer the loss personally. But why not use MSC’s funding to pull up the poll initially or why not now use the funds from the MSC to reimburse him?

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This is not the purpose of MSC funds. The Funds will be used to pay for development of new ideas. For example EuphoricBadger has a proposal to create a new mirror DEX. The MSC funds would be used to pay for the development of something like that.

Didn’t MSC already spend 1k MIR on refunding one of their members for a poll loss?

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^ This. I assume they will refund this one aswell?


Looks like it is part of their purpose then. They should just repost the poll. This is ridiculous.

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this one will be refunded as well.

Based on the current discussions in forum and discord, we are treating it as an attention failure, not a signaling failure (i.e. we think that the whales don’t vote text polls but would support a deployment poll).

There is no point in posting a new text poll unless we are unable to get the work for a deployment poll down without the signaling vote first.


How would you make a deployment poll? I cannot see any fitting poll type in the docs:

See post

The process is undocumented and not supported by UI, so it will take some work to get a deployment poll in place.


I have some general questions. Who will be the developer implementing a text poll after it got passed? And who will be doing the auditing to make sure no things get broken?

ETA Sir, if I may ask? Like weeks or months?

If it goes to a deployment poll, then ideally those questions would be answered in a post that is referenced by the deployment poll.

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Poll is up , go and vote lads

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What idiot put this up?


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Yes, exactly, wasnt the idea to wait and do deployment poll straightaway? Fuck, this may just lead to not being voted again!
Democracy at its worst:)

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While a deployment proposal would have been preferable, let’s still try to get the text poll passed.

If you look at this thread, csanti at TFL suggests that the team will implement changes as long as a text proposal is passed.

Where does he suggest so? In this thread?

Secondly, Im worried about the timing, with so many other polls going around, I do wonder, if we have enough votes for this big one. Timing doesnt seem intelligent to me at all.

Things given as they are, do you have a better suggestion, or are you just whining?

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Invite link to the Discord server for Mirror Protocol:

Regardless of what you think would benefit the protocol most in the medium-to-long term, passing this SIMP-3 (revote) poll is crucial right now.

When premiums have finally come down a bit, we will have an opportunity to reassess and see what changes to Mirror should be prioritized but right now we need to stick together, avoid drama and actually make sure this poll reaches quorum.

Yesterday you were telling people on discord to “feel free” to post the poll again, now you say “what idiot put this up”?

I wouldn’t personally risk 1000 MIR so thanks to the person who created the poll. The description would’ve been better if it linked to a specific github PR though in addition to linking to this forum thread.

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