SIMP-3: Change Short-Farm Maximum Reward Allocation from 40% to 100%

“yes, if a text proposal passes it would be easier to add the change”

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Putting up a proposal that gives the impression it is from the MSC when it clearly is not is simply dishonest. I didn’t say “Make a proposal pretending like you’re another group that you’re not part of”.

Regardless, atleast this poll isn’t actively harming Mirror unlike the MSFT/GOOG/TSLA/APPL + anything unclebeau ever submitted, so there is that.

Hope that clears it up for you!

Sorry for the impression I gave you. My thoughts were to put up this proposal after at least QQQ formally ends, but you are right, I will not complain.

Lets hope this gets passed now!

Would it be possible this gets posted on twitter Mirror page for example?

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If anyone has connections in TFL, maybe they can ask them to post about it on twitter?

We can at least inform people on the Mirror discord and telegram about it. Post a reminder every few hours for people to vote on poll 269.

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FWIW MSC is actively working with TFL on a poll that will deploy the actual code changes.

But its nice that the community likes (kinda) one of our ideas!


Great to hear! I hope the poll is not too far away.


Poll is live Mirror

We still need just over 50% of votes. Worried it could be difficult with the current explosion of polls.

It doesn’t matter. This has already been pushed to the “we should make it and try to get it deployed” stage.

Don’t worry.

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I feel that the thief tried to steal 5M MIR tokens is still lurking around the forum with a new identity. I am watching him.

MSC has reimbursed for the failed poll. Our focus now is on getting a deployment poll together, since all evidence indicates that poll failure was from UI issues and not from malicious staking.


Fantastic, hope all will end up well and within few months all assets are within 10% peg.

BTW today in the morning I’ve seen mBABA reach +38% (;

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It is not as drastically as mKO & mSPY in several occasions one or two weeks ago.

What? mSPY or mKO were never cheaper than -15% compared to oracle price. Whereas multiple assets attacked 30% premiums sadly - Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft, Bitcoin etc.

I refereed to mKO & mSPY (vs mBABA), not KO or SPY.

PS: I think earlier I misunderstood Fred’s. Now I understand he meant mBABA’s premium, but I thought as price spike.

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There’s a proposal the reduce MCR for Apple, remember to vote, this will help with the premium


worse, there are entities that were actively crusading against this vote being passed

I believe it, yield aggregators have a lot to lose here.

Until they all implement Short farming… if they do, Mirror will be much more balanced and they don’t lose their TVL. It’s a win-win solution in my opinion

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