sLP Reward Structure


I am trying to understand the mechanism around LP and sLP rewards.
Reading Mirror’s documentation I seem to understand that:

  • LP Rewards: There are two types of rewards here:
    1. From Commissions: This is a little part of the trading fees.
    2. From Mir Inflation: These rewards are distributed from block rewards in Mir and are capped at 167.2734375 Mir.
  • sLP Rewards: Just from Mir Inflation. Draws from the same pool of LP rewards.

On top of that the total rewards in Mir are distributed across different mAssets. Which means the more mAssets are introduced the less the reward for each individual asset in Mir (since now there are more drawing a piece from the same pie).

I have two questions:

  1. As inflation decreases and maximum supply of Mir is reached, what will be the incentive structure for sLP? Are there going to be any rewards for providing liquidity to sLP?
  2. As more mAssets are introduced and the rewards for holding each one also consequently decrease, won’t this drop demand for staking in general? At least for sLP? What is the plan to address this?

Hoping someone can shed light here.

Thank you.

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