Solution to Scammers: Requiring a Second, Separately-Passed Proposal to Distribute Funds

The Problem: Scammers are creating governance proposals for one seemingly-reasonable thing, but in the same proposals rather covertly requesting a large distribution of funds to their wallet address.

The Solution: Require that a separate poll must be passed in order for distribution of funds to occur. These polls will be titled: “Authorization of Distribution: Poll X (X = the number of the first passed poll)”. “Authorization of Distribution” will be added to the list of possible proposal topics.

Why This Makes Sense: We use Two-Factor Authenticator for almost every type of financial transaction, for example every time we want to access a bank account there is a 2FA code. Crypto exchanges require 2FA for users to access them. When large sums of assets are on the line, it has been found necessary by nearly all financial entities to require multiple steps for authentication. Distribution of community assets should not be an exception.

  • Yes, I support requiring a second, separate proposal to pass prior to fund distribution
  • No, I don’t think we should require two polls for fund distribution.

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sounds like a good idea. Its this doable ? i voted yes.


you could require a certain type of poll to be passed for any spending of funds. whether that is as well as, or instead of, is up for debate.