Some Thoughts on the future of mirror

The article uses machine translation, the original text is Chinese, the English will look more strange.

Some Thoughts on the future of mirror

  1. Wall Street has the power to restrict people from buying shares in GME, AMC, and so on, with no restrictions on the blockchain

  2. With the exception of U. S. stocks, the world’s stock markets can be mapped, such as China’s A shares. There are many restrictions on China’s a-shares, such as daily trading closures and limits on trading limits. Similarly, each country’s stock market has a geographical limit, and there is no limit at all to the mapping of these stock markets to the blockchain.


Many Chinese baijiu stocks are soaring, up more than 300% a year. But it is hard for non-chinese to buy these shares, and if you map them into a mirror agreement, you will get a lot of user participation.

Imagine, if the future of the market up, suppose a person want to re-warehouse liquor stocks, in A-share brokerage buy half, mirror buy half. When the market is closed, if it’s bad, you can jump the gun. Or watch the share price on mirror after the close to determine whether to sell it all the next day at the brokerage.

  1. In the stock markets of some countries, there is no short selling and no leverage. Mirror provides a mechanism for users to short and leverage the blockchain, simply by making a delivery back to fair value after the market opens.

In short, the mirror should not be limited to us equities but should focus on global equity markets and their derivatives. Different countries have different high quality stocks, many countries because of the protection policy to prohibit trading in other countries, looking at the world, the market cake has far more integrated than the entire cryptocurrency market.