Staked LP dashboard

as I’ve been venturing into staking LP and learning more about this process, I started looking into the staked LP I have and realized that there’s a seemingly critical data point missing when viewing the pools… and that’s the current balance. currently I have no way of knowing if the pool I’m in has had a major number of swaps one way, potentially moving the balance from a 50/50 ratio to a 25/75 ratio (using an extreme example). I see this as being an issue, especially for volitile mAssets like GME/AMC for instance. as the values spike or dip, a large number of people may buy/sell at once, and while I can see on my dashboard what I’ve contributed and my % of the total pool, I don’t know how it’s balanced right now.

being able to see the current balance (either only to stakers OR to the public) would also give certain strategic views to someone who is bullish or bearish on a mAsset and feels like the balance may shift one way or another in the future (which may cause more volatility in the pool, which may not be a good thing).

As I’m monitoring the value of my stakes, I wish I could monitor the balance as well so when I look at my withdrawable value, I could see what I’m actually withdrawing

It’s always balanced 50/50… that’s just how the protocol works. Whether or not that balance attributes the right ‘price’ for the assets is a separate question, answered by showing the premium or discount of the mAsset to the oracle price.

perhaps I need to learn more about the LP then, because how can it stay balanced if say, 75% of all trades are selling the masset? at that point, the pool will be unbalanced, and unless this pool uses another pool to balance itself, it seems like a 50/50 split would be unable to guarantee

if 75% of trades are selling the masset, then it drives the price down (mAsset is injected into the pool, UST is removed from the pool, the two sides are still 50/50 but the pool valuation is now lower than before). In effect each trade ‘rebalances’ the pool following an assumption that the two sides will have the same value after the trade. mAssets due trade at premium or discount to oracle sometimes, but it’s not usually very wide during market hours.