Staking MIR Token

Hey guys, I’m trying to stake the MIR Token using ‘‘Mirror’’ by connecting it to my Terra Station Wallet Chrome Extention.

This part was no problem and I have both UST and the MIR token on my Trade Station Wallet. But when I click on Governance and then on stake it asks me to confirm with password, so I enter my Terra Station Password. The Password that I used to initially setup my Trade Station Wallet.

But I’m getting ‘‘invalid password’’ when I click Submit. Why? Isn’t this the password that I need to enter?


It could be one of the few cases below:

  1. Password can be different between Terra Station Desktop and Extension even if it is the same wallet.
  2. Caps Lock key might be on/off

If you’re still having the same problem, you can delete the wallet from Station Extension, and recover it again using your seed phrase and use a different password.

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