Stock index by country


Various mAssets are being discussed, and I am looking forward to the activation of Mirror.

These efforts from the community will drive Mirror’s success.

Personally, as someone who has been in the stock market for a long time, I am writing to wish Mirror’s success.

The assets currently traded at Mirror and the mAssets further discussed are limited to US-listed stocks.

This background is understood by the popularity of the US market and the technical difficulties of Oracle.

How about adding indexes from various countries so that a more diverse portfolio can be organized in Mirror?

If it is difficult to directly add a national index, I think listing ETFs listed on the US market is okay.

However, when added as an ETF listed on the U.S. market, trading will only be active during the U.S. market opening as it is now.

I think it’s good to add each country’s index for true 24/7 trading.

MSCI World Index
S&P500 (This is a US index, but I think the personality is different from Nasdaq.)
Nikkei 255

I think it is necessary to consider various indexes as above.

Of course, it may be far from those who trade Crypto.

There may be a problem with insufficient liquidity.

However, I think the more asset options in Mirror, the more successful Mirror will be.

I’m not good at English, so I don’t know if you can understand.

I’m sorry, and ask for various opinions.

Thank you.


Hey dropped by after your mention on discord. Honestly think its a good idea that you can submit a proposal for. Indexes and ETFs will naturally come as the protocol matures more. I might do one at a later stage if nobody does it.

Hi there is anyway to add solid asset such as property and physical gold ? I would like to issue mgold backed by our gold mine

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there are mIAU, iShares Gold Trust.

Do you want to other thing?

Yep, we wanna launch coin backed by our own gold mine in Mali

That sounds like a very niche market. I am not sure the broader public is interrested.

I would definitely be in favor of S&P500 and MSCI World Index.

We will out farming and staking also, however, farming will be gurantee profit even without manipulate , which is from real commodity trading in company