Stock split? How?

How will stock splits be handled?

Goog and amzn are coming up

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gives the detail.

An early post:

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See also this Twitter thread about the reverse split of IAU last year:

If I understand this correctly, delisted assets can be burned from “My Page” in the Mirror web app (since I don’t see any burn option there I assume it exists for delisted assets only?)

short tf out of it… jk

they get delisted, and then listed again

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ya not sure if TFL is more hands off now. and its up to us?

You see while you play god im out there visually seeing these proposals playout. Stop fucking with mAssets that are left on Eth and BSC it is so volatile, and you cockheads are killing the rest of the stocks. Mamazon goes its going to hurt you. Im in fhe top percentage. Your so lucky you got me it seems. Keep attacking mirror assets on eth or bsc. I will burn you to zero and keep the liquidity. Im percychaser your captain. So if your on eth or bsc. Oh btw ill be surprised if mtesla pulls thru as it looks like it was paired to amazon. Either way im here. Were strong on eth and bsc. Stop fucking with her please.

If TSLA automatically split in half at the right time this week, there’s definitely a group or a few users either directly or indirectly connected to the Terraform crew. I think it’s selectively managed by 1-3 people and made to appear “decentralized”. This has helped blow off some steam legally, but is becoming less convincing.

I tried doing a poll vote to update our mAssets like Facebook to Meta and it was ignored while TSLA wasnt.

This is very much use at your own risk, folks.

Personally I would be glad to hear that anyone at all was steering this ship. The whole ecosystem imploded and wasn’t the price oracle just shut off? Who cares about decentralization when the platform needs decisive action and leadership to survive?

Alas, I believe TSLA was not split. Shorts just saw a payday and longs were screwed?

I shorted Tesla, got “the pay day” but I can’t take out my collateral even though I’m at 500%+

The SEC’s been on Terrraform Labs about Mirror before the LUNA crash. You can see they’ve taken pain-staking steps to show it’s completion into fully decentralized protocol.

The devs who are managing it, probably are still Terraform labs. Look at ther discord channel’s admin :slight_smile: