Submit comment when voting on proposals

I found myself voting few times against and there was no way to give explanation why I voted the way I did. What if we had a comment field to add with vote, totally optional but would shed some light on logic behind vote in case anyone wanted to share. Thoughts ?

Ideally, prior to submitting the vote on-chain, the submitter should socialize the idea on this forum for 2-3 weeks, gather feedback, and then submit the vote

Raising the proposal deposit (such that it requires pooling of multiple members) could be valuable here


I agree but not everyone that votes knows about this forum. Maybe we should have little header with link to this forum in poll submittals? I voted NO few times and felt bad not being able to explain why i voted NO so little comment option under YES / NO votes would be great IMO

I feel that may fragment information across this forum and the gov page

We could look into embedding the forum link into the webapp

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just made a request for a similar thing – comment section on Polls… will lead to greater engagement and better user governance experience imo. i guess a link to mirror forum discussion re: each proposal would be easy enough

+1 - will see about embedding relevant forum chats to the web app (or at least embedding links)

Ideally the proposer should include the discussion link for each proposal to the onchain proposal body