Summary of Latest Attacks on Mirror Protocol

A series of fraudulent polls have recently been launched against Mirror Protocol in an effort to steal tens of millions of dollars and bring it down. Terra Network needs to investigate these scammers before they launch more attacks on other protocols. Based on the coordination and large amounts of money these attackers have, this does not appear to be some random attackers, but a coordinated effort by wealthy individuals or organizations with large funds.

The attackers are also flooding the governance page with fake polls in hopes that people cannot find polls like 185 and to confuse them. They have also timed their attacks to coincide with the Christmas and New Years holidays hoping to catch the MIR community sleeping and off-guard.

Polls that would damage MIR:
185 - Sends 15 million MIR ($37 million) to wallet terra1kgj5ceav2hzf5k7gx8y8u5rz8szx36e9zupjgn created on December 22, 2021

198 - Sends 2 million MIR ($5 million) to wallet terra1ad5zatt0490urv9ydtka05my9xlp0aw6u0q9jd created on November 17, 2021

204 - Sends 25,000 MIR ($50,000) to wallet terra1ng7h7j22tc5588j2vny29yg39auv5ptl7mnga8 created on December 24

206 - Sends 250,000 MIR ($500,000) to wallet terra180n6xmgyeh7ndzt8r2aav6lqhwyw8drnedxp7c created on December 24

207 - Sends 250,000 MIR ($500,000) to wallet terra180n6xmgyeh7ndzt8r2aav6lqhwyw8drnedxp7c created on December 24 (same as 206)

208 - Original Poll 177 Scammer that originally tried sabotaging MIR by reweighing mDOT, mETH, and mBTC, before trying to starting the fraud

Please spread the word and hopefully this gets taken up by Terra since these attackers are using various Terra addresses to sabotage ecosystems within the Terra Network.

The summation of MIR trying to be stolen via these attacks are worth over $40 million, or 1/3rd of the community pool.

The following polls are issuing real warnings against the scammers: 190, 201, 202, 203, 205, and 209.


we need the MIR communitie te be more careful when voting.

if you see COMMUNITY SPEND in the vote, be careful with your YES vote!!!


Terra is not an investigating body. They have no enforcement power.

If you want to actually be historically accurate it began with the account to delist AMC.

We can agree on somethings and disagree on others. While you may disagree with delisting or reweighing assets that is a far cry from an “attack” on Mirror. Again, you may have meritorious argument why it should not occur but calling a delisting or reweighing an “attack” is exaggerating some.


Do not pretend to be impartial and/or unrelated to the thief. How could a deliberately targeting on mCryptos assets, which are also offered by direct competitor in, not an attack? After the ridiculous re-weighting of mDOT, its liquidity in Mirror dropped by about 3 folds within just 2 weeks. The liquidity of mBTC also dropped substantially. Causing the loss of TVL in Mirror is an attack on the Protocol.

Interesting we never saw you on these forums during AMC or GME delisting polls or reweighing polls. Not until a poll that directly related to your holding did you become all righteous. Do not kid anyone on your intentions were self interest. Even your initial post argued your holding was being picked on and why the other two crypto assets were not. The facts speak.

Before mentioning TVL have facts and determine if they moved to other assets. Maybe even read the white paper of Mirror before speaking.

Your logic is so flawed. Basically no asset can be delisted or reweighed if some competitor offers it. That is so illogical.

It’s clear from your linguistics and references that your American. You let us all know your address when you posted your own poll. Curious how legit your wallet is. Sure doubt someone with your ignorant statements and logic pays your American taxes or actually legally acquired that money in your wallet.

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Seems a little over blown. Far more likely a few people got opportunistic when they saw the legitimate warner get a free 100 MIR by accidentally clicking Community Spend.

But yes, people need to pay attention.

Not really convinced the DOT/ETH/BTC were “sabotage” but it doesn’t matter now

LOL, since when a thief has become a tax collector?

I personally thought the delisting of AMC, a stock I currently hold, because of the lack of price movement was a bad move for the community. It took away from the idea of gaining exposure to the markets that may be outside of your jurisdiction. That said, I did not regard this as an attack for the reasons outlined by Dakota. However, if this become a popularity contest for the cool kids, I cannot see mirror expanding beyond this small audience.


Those scammers will get what’s coming to them ==.
Thank you for your willingness to provide accurate information to the community!
@yd19 thx!