Survey - Select which Previously Whitelisted Assets to Advance to Register Parameters

24 assets have been whitelisted previously and could be put forward for “Register Parameters” voting. Which ones are you interested in?

Please take the quick survey at:

Adobe Inc. (ADBE)
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
Coca-Cola Co. (KO)
FedEx Corp (FDX)
Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd (GLXY)
Intel Corporation (INTC)
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)
Mastercard, Inc. (MA)
McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)
Microstrategy (MSTR)
Nike Inc. (NKE)
NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)
Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR)
PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL)
Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON)
Polkadot (DOT)
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. (SamsungEl)
Spotify Technology S.A. (SPOT)
Square (SQ)
Starbucks Corporation (SBUX)
Tencent Holdings Limited (TCEHY)
Walmart Inc. (WMT)
Walt Disney Co (DIS)

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I’m not sure that the issue is a lack of awareness or community interest in trading these assets. The issue I think is purely on the LPs. Based on recent voting patterns it seems like

  • LPs control most of the MIR staked in governance (not surprising)
  • They see their rewards being diluted if they onboard new assets. Since the lion’s share of their rewards comes from the additional MIR rewards, they aren’t likely to support many new proposals
  • They’ve already had opportunities to move forward with the items on this list, most of which have been whitelisted for months.

I don’t really see a way forward without changing incentives to facilitate onboarding new assets. And if incentives were correctly aligned in Mirror, I think just about everything on the whitelist would get onboarded in short order.

(Except maybe DOT? I don’t see the value in mirroring another crypto)

Sorry to be a downer. I love your enthusiasm trying to put this together, and I’d love to see all these on Mirror.

Hi Steve.

I agree there is vested interest as you described.

At the moment I am not advocating for mass listings. My motivation at the moment is to try to bring online maybe one asset that has already been whitelisted and one novel asset that hasn’t been whitelisted.

I think there could be tolerance for being selective and not taking a shotgun approach.

I agree about not adding any more crypto assets because there are already an abundance of ways to trade them.

In my opinion we need some diversity in the asset selection to get outside of U.S., get into some different asset classes (not just stocks) and, for instance, slow down on adding more NASDAQ content which is already arguably over-concentrated.

Since adding a new asset that has not already been whitelisted requires a two step process (whitelist + register parameters) I figure that it would be less burdensome to leverage an asset that only requires one more step to go live.

Where you say there have already been opportunities to move forward with items on the list, actually no one has started a Register Parameters poll for any of these.

Thanks for response.


Short list is:

  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
  • Mastercard, Inc. (MA)
  • NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)
  • Square (SQ)
  • Tencent Holdings Limited (TCEHY)
  • Walt Disney Co (DIS)

Since 100 MIR needs to go at-risk, it would be good to get some additional feedback about the short list assets.

Short List of Assets for Consideration and “Register Parameters”
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
  • Mastercard, Inc. (MA)
  • NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)
  • Square (SQ)
  • Tencent Holdings Limited (TCEHY)
  • Walt Disney Co (DIS)

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Thank you for the update, maybe it could also be interesting to see how many votes each asset would attract. Maybe to post this shortlist on telegram?

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Yes sir I was polling and discussing on Telegram and then someone unfortunately reported me as spam and my account was temporarily suspended. I will continue to promote this effort on Telegram and I would hope that someone can explain to me why they think this is spam before reporting me.

Thanks for your response!


Try the discord as well. I appreciate the effort to bring new polls forward.

the most active $MIR holders are here and the voters are pathetically 7. Voting simply is not the right way for asset listing. Please consider my proposal to let people to mints assets they are interested to list in mirror, and list them in the queuing pool for more people to mint (at the same time earn Anchor 20%), once the pool of mAsset reach a certain threshold (more than 1m), then it get listed in Mirror. This not only increase the assets pool, but also to know the asset interest of Terra users.

Hi Jun,

I have been reading your messages and you have some good ideas.

The 7 votes is pretty low I agree. I was polling directly on Telegram and was getting 40+ responses.

I want to use the official forum to be transparent in the polling. I will probably keep polling in Telegram to augment the low responses on the forum.

Take care.

Hi TheAbyss,
Generally, many $MIR holders are not keen to participate in governance. They just want to get a stake in a project which has great potential. unfortunately, voting on Telegram doesn’t count into votes on our governance, and we are also not sure if they are $MIR holders. Anyway, I have started a thread to change the listing mechanism for mAsset. Hopefully I can rally some supports there.