Swap slippage? -41%


Last week I swapped Luna to UST in Terra Station and got a slippage of -41% (est).

Resulting in a major loss for me. The cost of this swap was stated to a few Lunas and I clicked next. After this i was prompted with a box stating slippage of -41% with no options other than closing the popup.

I have tried to get in touch with Terra Station on their general@terra.money adress but no answers yet. Anyone know of any customer service that can help me?

I guess my chances are small to regain the Lunas or the UST lost in this swap? However the outcome is i’d like to understand how this happened.

Below is the link of the swap.


The terrswap pool has been lacking liquidity for a week or so now, the slippage/price is displayed when you make the swap. As this is a decentralized protocol there isnt any individual who would be responsible to refund you. Next time watch out for the slippage when your swapping, consider the luna pool on uniswap as it has more liquidity at the moment. Kucoin is also another good option.

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Thanks for the answer, I’ve got the question answered on discord as well. However i could not “watch out” for the slippage before swapping since this information was not available before executing the swap.


You can see the rate and minimum received before you make the swap.

Edit: after rereading it appears this was made from the terrastation wallet not the terraswap website, i think it’s a reasonable feature request to display slippage/minimum received in the terrastation wallet. But again as far as reversing your swap or refunding you there isnt any centralized entity who could do that , your swap was made against a AMM pool with presumably multiple unknown liquidity providers.

Ye, that’s great on the mirror site, but i could not swap from Luna to UST there as i understand it.

I got an update yesterday that this functionality is in the making on terra station. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later as other people have made the same mistake as i did.

You can swap Luna to UST there, however you cant burn Luna for UST on terraswap and need to use terrastation for that.