Synthetic sugar

I work in sugar trading and i would like to know if we can collaborate to create a synthetic sugar with you or if it’s in your plans, can you let me know?

thanks for your answer


Hi @CHint , I very much like the idea - I would love to see more commodity assets on the protocol, especially with world wide supply chain issues giving room for speculation.

It’d be great to see

  • sugar
  • coffee
  • cocoa
  • timber

Although I’m quite new to the community and would be keen to hear from everyone.

Hi Mr Rust,

Do you know if an other protocol allow do purchase thess synthetic assets ?

And do you konw someone in mirror protocol ?

Thanks for your response

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May be commodities ETF? For example: The Teucrium Wheat Fund
Let’s hope it passes the Quorum.
WEAT ETF on Mirror Finance would be a great addition. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fine! The ability to invest crypto in commodity funds will take the protocol to unprecedented levels