Terraswap's 0.3% fees are too steep for growth

It isn’t very attractive to trade on a platform that charges 0.3% fees for a mirrored asset, i believe we should defiantly take an uniswap approach and have LP providers choose their own fees or have the fees reduced to 0.05% or 0.1% due to the sheer stable nature of most the pools provided. 0.3% fee for very stable stocks seems to me personally too much for a growing platform. I am an LP provider but i do not trade and would not trade on the mirror platform because of being charged 0.3% fees.

Due to the large fees i am one of the people who will leave the platform once LP rewards reduce greatly/any further, but id stay with 0.1% fees (maybe even half of those fees going to mirror stakers) because i would use the platform to trade and as well know others will come in the future.

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In the future, mAssets will hopefully trade on many different trading platforms including Terraswap.

The benefit of mAssets existing as crypto tokens is that anybody can create a DEX that allows their trading.

There will one day be many competitors that want to capture this trading volume. Even in the near future, we have Gravity DEX, Loop, Injective protocol, Vega protocol, that will likely all incorporate mAsset trading. This competition will likely pressure fees. There may also be a chance that listings could occur on CEXs.

However, today it is early and Terraswap (despite really being a barebones dapp) is the primary trading platform for mAssets. The current fee probably makes sense for now for what they are delivering, but within 12 months expect it to change.

That being said Mirror does not control Terraswap.