The MIR Mystery - Can't Stake on Terra, Unknown Passwords & the Brave Browser Debacle

Hi guys,

Let me run you through my puzzling situation:

  1. Purchased MIR on KuCoin
  2. Went to on my Brave Browser (which has crypto wallet)
  3. Clicked connect
  4. It connects
  5. I send MIR & UST from KuCoin to terra address on
  6. I have MIR & UST in Terra wallet
  7. I go to Governance > Click Stake & Go to Confirm
  8. A Terra Station popup comes up like a crypto wallet for Brave but not, and says Enter Password to confirm
  9. I enter every password I can think of associated with crypto wallets, nothing works. I never set a Terra specific password and was never prompted to. It just connected to what I assume was my Brave (metamask?) wallet when I went to the site. Wtf is my password?

At some point you had to create a wallet in Terra station, this is likely the address you copied from

Did you write your seed phrase down when you created the wallet? With the seedphrase you can reimport your wallet and set a new password.

Okay Iā€™m an idiot, delete this thread lol. I created the wallet a long time ago apparently and had the info saved. Smh.

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