The power of compounding

The goal of the terra ecosystem is to build the best financial products, which is increasing the usage of UST.
So far mirror offers only APR since it’s start.
Despite v1 LP’s showing “x1000s% APY if compounded daily” we did not offer this to our customers.

I hoped that v2 would have brought that change. I think CAKE auto pool offers a great way to compound interest. We can learn a lot from the binance ecosystem, regarding this manner. offers autocompounding services for pancake farms and the APY is amazing there.
I propose to think about mechanism to let users decide to compound their earned MIR reward for LP to the underlying LP token(sell mir for LP automatically).

I think the sell pressure generated on MIR would be balanced by the increased attention. Most yield farmers use financial products offering APY instead of APR. Attracting those should be possible.


Spectrum Protocol check this out

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is this site legit? I see that they have 13m in TVL

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Great points. Agree on the approach of auto-compounding. It’ll bring attention to the Mirror project, and that will be reflected in the price for sure. More than that, it’ll help the community adoption. Binance to me is a bit of a different animal, 6 out of 12 masternodes under the same umbrella: it’s almost an illusion of a decentralization. Much like Central Banks are an illusion of institutions working for the people. OK, may have gotten carried away with the last one.

Will check out and!

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TBD. They just released their site a few DAYS ago.

Same with any of the farms in BSC/Polygon/Ether. Don’t put in more than you’re willing to lose.

But, it about time we got some more defi opportunities for the yield farming degens.

We’re so early here. I love it.

I would wait for the audit to be released Transparency - Spectrum Protocol