There's no hack

Guys there is no hack involved . Luna is just more expensive on one of their exchanges and people are arbitraging the shit out of it. ( , so yep, we trusted our money with fools. FatManTerra can probably do more investigation on this.

Unless they are rugpulling the project themselves to later blame the oracle

Thanks for the info - just some fud

If anyone has contact with FatManTerra, please tag him here since it does not look credible because I posted a link. Looks more like Im trying to phish

Why is he fudding? trying buy our bags at a cheaper price i guess.

There is a real exploit and the oracle price for LUNC is indeed wrong. I don’t feel the need to respond further because if we can’t agree on core facts then there’s no point having a discussion stemming from them. Sorry.

It is serious , people are going to lose their money. Its not a fud

Somebody fixed luna price oracle, now it shows 0.

You do not get the issue. You should delete this post.

great to see that. BUT, the attackers now have a lot of mBTC ,mETH, etc. which can be used as collateral for more borrowing. this may make Mirror insolvent even if the dApp still works. not sure if that means exactly but be careful.