Too many signing requests

I didn’t know which category to pick and went for UI/UX suggestions.

Today I’ve been asked for many more signing requests than usual when I’m claiming rewards from 4 pools that I’m providing and adding more MIR-UST liquidity. Is this due to a terra platform change, eg I need to sign for each pool, previously it was a single signing request? If that’s not the case it looks really buggy.

If you selected “Claim All Rewards” on My Page of Mirror Web application, you would only need sign once to claim rewards from all pools which you are providing liquidity for.

If you had to sign multiple times to “claim all rewards”, then it seems like a problem with Station Extension app connected to your Chrome browser.

@sim Is there a way for us to know why this happens?

No, there was no changes.
Just use the “Claim all rewards” button please

I can assure this happened with “Claim all rewards” button. It happened on Mac OS Big Sur, can DM wallet address for checking transactions if it helps.