"Total Value" does NOT represent total value - Make it accurate

Hi, please help clarify this as I’m happy to be wrong.

Lately the Total Value # on my page has gone up as mIAU has been dropping, so that makes sense as it seems to be using ORACLE price.

However, Total Value, is a BS reference point that has made me think my investment has gone up, when it seems to have actually gone down as to CLOSE my position at this time, it would cost a lot more as it would be based on the (currently higher) POOL price, not the oracle price that Total Value represents.

WHY would “Total Value” not reflect the actual value of the current investment if one were to close their position at any moment? Why falsely lead someone to think that they may have more or less than reality (with premiums)? It seems TV would be correct ONLY if premium was at 0.

I wonder if many people may be like me, having followed a good strategy but without really considering the exit premium and the inefficiency of Mirror…and now it’s way more out of hand than ever…crossing my fingers it gets better at some point. I appreciate what people are doing to help.

In the mean time couldn’t the Total Value at least be easily changed to represent the Actual Value?

Thanks for your thoughts and clarity!