- BETA - Export your mirror/terra transactions to Koinly

Today i am releasing a beta version of (we may rebrand in the future, got any suggestions?) this website will allow you to export a koinly compatible csv of all of your terra/mirror transactions.

We are currently struggling with a few bugs with the graphql endpoint and therefore this tool may not work 100% for all users, we are working to fix these issues and will provide updates once we are able to resolve these issues.

You can check out the site here :

Currently Supported

We support generating a Koinly compatible CSV file for the following types of transactions:

  • All sends, receives , and shuttle transactions
  • Mirror asset LP adds and removals
  • Mirror staking rewards
  • Mirror and Terra native swaps

Known Issues

  • Some transaction deposit history is missing sporatically, this may only affect new wallets, this appears to be an issue with graphql and i have made the TFL team aware as of 2/10/21
  • Only the tax fee is recorded for swap transactions
  • No fee is being recorded for send transactions
  • CDP transactions are not currently supported
  • Currently LP tokens use the token names NULL1, NULL2, etc, these names will remain consistent every time you use this application. The actual LP token name is in the transaction description, we have struggled getting Koinly to support terra native LPs and this is the only solution available currently.

Coming Soon

  • Support for new assets (mBTC, mETH, mFB , etc)
  • Support for CDPs minting/closing
  • Support for terra native LP adds and removals
  • Better support for tracking fees
  • Support for named LP tokens (dependent on support from Koinly)
  • General improvements to the UI
  • More transaction tracking tools to better track and manage your mirror/terra transactions.

Support This Project

  • This site was created and is maintained by Papi (TG:@papi95) of the mirror/terra community.
  • If you would like to support this project please consider a donation to: terra1qqllfruhe96zhsrhpx35zvv7vnne05923us0lk
  • If your not yet using Koinly , please consider signing up using our referral link:
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Hi @Papi, great job here!

As replied on Discord channel, I’d like to know what are the missing types. Technically speaking, the txs endpoint reads all txs then parse the result and transform (@alex woud know better), so there shouldn’t be any missing tx type – maybe in the code we may have missed some tx types and drop the unknown types.

Can you provide us with a tx hash that you believe is missing?

Are there any plans to support other Tax/Portfolio Trackers like or Accointing, maybe even through a community proposal? It would get my vote!

I can look in to this, im sure they have a universal import format and we could adapt this to it. I’ll work up a community proposal I have some other ideas for this project as well.

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Is there anything people not in TFL can do to move this forward? I’d love to see this csv exporting work for Luna staking rewards as well.

Sorry for the delays, im still working on a proposal to continue to build out this project I want to include Anchor staking/loaning rewards as well. Have a bit of an infrastructure i need to build out in order to accurately parse terra chain transactions . Stay tuned.


I’m a infrastructure engineer with some programming experience, I’m interested in helping if you’re open to it

Can we make sure that conversion inoto bLuna and out of bLuna isn’t tagged as taxable???

Hi, this is super interesting but is not working, tried several times but 504 error after a long time loading. I just have like 3 operations in my terra wallet. Something wrong? Is not working?

Hi Papi

Great initiative. I am not able to download the csv file. The page hang forever.
Can you help or advice.

Working on it! Im hoping to have an update live in the next 3-4 days that will resolve this issue, some addresses have years worth of transactions , and i need to implement backend processing to generate these reports. The update will likely prompt your for an email or give you a link while your report processes in the backend. Stay tuned!

Great. Appreciate your contribution.


I’ve implemented backend processing and added support for mETH, MBTC, mGME, mGS, mFB, mSPY, mABNB,mAMC, ANC. This should solve most of the issues you’ve all run in to.

I just finished moving everything over to a new host and am just doing some final testing now . It should be working now. If not it will be soon.

Report generation is slow as were having to index transactions on the fly, im brainstorming some proposals to solve this , but at the moment this is not a feasible endeavor for me , to parse all of the historic data and data in real time i would need to substantially scale up my infrastructure.

Let me know if you run in to any problems.

Running in to some unexpected issues with the backend processor. Im gonna take a quick look tonight but it might need to wait until Friday/Saturday. Sorry guys, i’ll have this fixed soon.

Probably related to it. Report for my address is stuck on processing for 3 days. Hopefully you can narrow down the root cause.

Sent donation to your address. Appreciate your work.

Thanks for the donation, much appreciated.

Alright guys, after quite a bit of debugging and testing is now fully operational!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thank you for creating this. I was just doing my taxes and it’s not fun!

I have just downloaded and it is hugely helpful. So grateful and will send a donation.

I have one question, I do not see my anchor airdrop claim on here. I see lots of MIR airdrop claims but no anchor – is that a known issue? thanks!

Anchor is not yet integrated . It will be soon, within the next couple months. This shouldn’t impact your 2020 tax calculations though as anchor was released in 2021.

Appreciated. Yeah, I just have to do a Q1 estimate but no problem I can swag it!