Transfer UST out of Mirror (No memo option)

I am trying to transfer out some money to my kucoin account, Kucoin provides a memo number, but in Mirror there is no option to enter in the memo. There is a warning sign notifying to check if there is a memo. How do I transfer out? Is the memo compulsory?

hi @frankmirror,

i didn’t really get what you are trying to do (send MIR/UST to kucoin from terra station?)
you need memo mostly when depositing into exchanges.
when you withdraw to your personal wallet - you don’t need memo.
when sending from terra station to, say, kucoin, you can specify memo in the memo section

Yeah thanks I figured that out it opens once you enter the wallet address. Too bad I sent it to scam website because literally none of my exchanges, including kucoin, do the transfer back into UST into any other coin. My stupidity for not checking and testing it all first. All the best with Mirror.