Trying to convert UST-ER20 to UST-Terra and stuck at "Wait for Receipt..." [Help]

Hi All

I have the following frustrating problem: For the last 3 days I’m trying to send 100 UST on the Ethereum network to the Terra network. I have everything set up, in fact I’ve already sent 60 UST, so I have gone through the procedure once already. So I’ve got the ER-20 UST in my metamask wallet chrome extension. I also have the terra-station wallet extension active in chrome where I’d like to send the funds to. So I’ve connected the MetaMask to the - navigated to “My Page” where I could see my funds - I clicked on send - got to enter my terra-station address - entered the amount - MetaMask popped up asking for confirmation, showing the transaction fee - confirmed and got “Wait for Receipt …” and that’s it. The spinny thing keep spinning …

At some point I had my PC with chrome opened on this page running for two days strait! No difference it doesn’t move past that point. refreshing the page clears everything. I tried to reduce the amount sent, tried to increase the transaction fee - still the same.

Is the network that congested?! Do I need to just wait longer? Am I doing something wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

hi @rldk,

do you have the transaction id? was the transaction broadcasted to the network?
you can check it if you open metamask and click activity tab.
if the transaction is there, you can click etherscan url, where you would see the state of the transaction and rough time estimation for when it is going to be completed.
it is possible that you used gas fee that is too small, so it could be pending for ages.
also in the activity tab you should have Speedup or Cancel buttons, using which you can either speed up your transaction by specifying higher fee or cancel it.

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Yup! The transaction was listed at the Activity tab… All of them XD! I lost some money, but that tends to happen to noobs. Not a big sum so it’s OK. I keyed in a bigger fee and the transaction went through almost immediately. It’s funny that so far I used the typical fee suggested by the app (Didn’t went out of my way to lower the fee). But yeah I got my 100 UST on the terra network so thanks ALOT alagiz! I was growing a bit desperate so you saved me a lot of pain! Thanks again.

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ah, nice to hear!

true, metamask sometimes suggests fee that is way too small, so after i sign a transaction i always immediately go to etherscan to check estimated completion time.
and then speed it up if needed.

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