Trying to withdraw from MIR Farm

Hello I have owned MIR tokens for about a year. I left several tokens farming. I just logged in recently to check on the progress. I see that I need to withdraw…
But when I try to withdraw I get this screen…

and after I approve the transaction in my wallet I get this message…

I’d appreciate any help anyone can provide.


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my guess is that you are farming on Terraswap and trying to withdrawal from Astroport. Go to Terraswap and withdrawal there. Mirror migrated its primary exchange from Terraswap to Astroport in January.

I don’t know anything about astroport. I was trying to withdraw using terra station

Hey there thanks for your help. Which translates to thanks for stealing everything in my wallets. Just a heads up for anyone that tries to get help using the links above. They will rob you blind!

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Did you ever get your money out of Mirror or back? Or did you suffer a theft from a link posted here?

No, I never got my money out. And yes I did get stolen from. Oh well, lessons learned.

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I’m very sorry to hear this. I’m disappointed to learn how many in the community have responded to these luna-crash-related fiascos that’ve pushed others into homelessness and even suicide. It’s turned me off of DeFi since the anonymity seems to encourage exploitation and there’s little recourse for victims. I hope you recoup what you’ve lost soon. Really am sorry.