UI suggestions for Mirror web app

  • consider changing labels

    • change ‘My Page’ to Dashboard

    • change '‘Holdings’ to ‘mAssets’ or ‘Portfolio’; ‘Total Holding Value’ to ‘Total mAsset Value’

    • Make Ticker and Underlying Asset names clickable through to ‘Buy/Sell’

    • change ‘Underlying Name’ to ‘Asset’

    • add label for the “%”, ex. “24hr”; it’s not clear if this is 24hr performance or 1hr or what. Ideally mimic what is see on Coingecko or CMC

  • ‘Mint’ section - if there are no current assets, reduce the space to a single line; don’t force user to scroll more than needed, as it’s wasting vertical space above the fold; I see that you can ‘hide’ empty positions, so this is not that urgent; but can still reduce vertical space

  • Stake Page

    • pls add some info descriptions for each of the assets. for example if someone doesn’t know what ‘vixy’ or ‘iau’ is then just put some simple descriptions similar to how Ftx does it inside of their perps/derivs
  • Governance Page

    • reduce the vertical space used to display votes; everything has so much empty space that it’s hard to see things at a glance and need to scroll too much; for things that are already passed, put them in a concise table not each individual box;

    • gray out votes that are already expired; make them light red border if they failed, and light green if they passed.

General notes

  • For new users, ‘pool’ and ‘stake’ functionality may be very confusing. As this is for crypto users interested to trade stocks, as well as non-crypto users to trade stocks, it’s very important to have more ‘New User’ type of prompts and easy access to help/guidance. Currently the information ‘i’ links only have very small descriptions; consider adding click-throughs to the relevant docs.mirror.finance page

  • I generally find the dark blue on black to be too dark; would be great if there was a bit more contrast on the black background or at least some light borders on the dark blue color blocks, something more visually engaging and more active to look at. the interface generally looks very static/stagnant, and if there were more tickers or things that were moving, drawing the eye, it would be more fun to trade.


Thanks @jehanchu - dev team will engage shortly here

Low priority , but when i trade, mint or send, when i click the value presented in the UI (IE value of coins my wallet) it should auto populate the respective textbox, this is inconsistent from how most exchange UIs work, and also the mirror wallet has this UI functionality. I probably click my balance at least 5 times a day when trading on mirror.

Thank you for many good opinions.
We will refer to it when we improve UI.

Thank you for the detailed suggestions :slight_smile:

imo, the term Dashboard suits better on Mirror’s main page where all the volume charts and current asset prices are labeled. If we name My Page to Dashboard, it could cause a little confusion.
The term “underlying asset” was given in effort to let people know that Mirrored Assets (mAssets) are crypto version of these “Asset”. So, I think changing the label to “assets” will cause some confusion in this regard.

For information description for each asset, i also feel that this is necessary. I couldn’t find asset description on FTX, could you maybe share an address which i can refer to? I think a sentence or two about the underlying asset will give people a much better idea of what they are trading (especially for QQQ, VIXY, IAU, SLV type of assets)

For governance, what do you think about providing a separate view type (ex. List view, sort by result), where vertical space could be reduced? yes or no?

Would you guys be able to add a little color indicator in front of the Oracle price displayed on https://terra.mirror.finance/ ?

Something that shows me whether the mint function is open (green) or closed (red)

Thanks for what you can do !

Green and red are already used for price movement (up from yesterday or down)

How about greyed out for when markets are closed?

cc @thisisjoe

But there’s going to be whitelisted assets in the future, such as BTC which are not affected by market hours, and assets that are traded in different hours. I think we should do this for each asset (if mSLV is not available to mint, then we should have it greyed out on the list)

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Yeah, great idea - shall we update?

working on it. should have this updated quite soon :slight_smile:

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Is the dev team accepting new contributors? I am an experienced typescript developer and would like to get involved. what is the best way?

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Could I also ask why the volume chart in the Dashboard section is a line graph? It makes it seem like there is no volume during the beginning of the day. Sushiswap also has its volume chart using bars. Just a small nitpick. Cheers!

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We are already working on changing volume chart as a bar chart :slight_smile:
You can see the change next week. Thank you for your suggestion.