Unalbe to close short farm position due to "only available during market hours"?


I would like to report a bug that I am experiencing with respect to my mNFLX short farm position.

Few things I would like to note:

  1. Yes I have tried to close it during market hours (I’m in the same time zone as NYC)
  2. Yes I have enough gas in my wallet.
  3. Yes I have purchased enough mNFLX shares to close out the position.
  4. Yes I have cleared my cache completely
  5. Yes I have tried disconnecting and re-connecting my terra station wallet

These points led to the conclusion that this INDEED is a bug that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Please see below screenshots for reference.

Any help getting me out of this position would be appreciated :pensive:

One separate issue: why the system won’t allow users to close the position regardless of market hours? Closing of the position should not depend on the oracle price as long as there is sufficient long token to burn the short asset.

closing fee requires oracle price

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Thanks. That makes sense.

Hey you have any suggestions on how this bug could be fixed?? How could I get the devs’ attention on this?

Care to share your wallet address? I can look and see if i get the same. I closed a few mAsset shorts today.

If this is the only reason, do you think it would be better for the users to be able to close positions at any time, and the fee could just be based on the last oracle prices?

I am moving more into that camp. Given that liquidations are intended to protect the protocol, the additional risks of allowing people to close their own positions (but not open new ones) at last oracle are actually pretty minimal.

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