Unbond vs. Withdraw


New to Mirror, supplying liquidity to the mAMD-UST long position, can somebody pls explain to me what the difference between Unbond and Withdraw is?

Much appreciated

My understanding is that
Unbond = unstake but keep your LP, which mean you can move it to Apollo, Spec etc.
Withdraw = claim all rewards, unstake and swap you LP for Ust and the mAsset you originally started with.

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Thanks, that’s a great answer.

The other question I have is when I provide liquidity on Mirror, say between mGalaxy and UST, I need to provide equal amount on both side, say $100 worth of mGalaxy and $100 UST, so when an APY is quoted, is that based on just one side $100, or both side $200?

For example:

Here I am providing liquidity between mGLXY+UST, APY of 25.97, am I collecting 25.97% based on $272.18UST or $544.37 UST?

The LP is it’s own token. You are buying this token and paying with 50% Ust and 50% mAsset
So the APY quoted is on the total, in your example $544.

Ok thanks

Can you also tell me if the APY includes the Mirror Rewards already , or the MIR rewards is on top of the displayed APY?

The APR is paid in MIR.