UPRO (3x S&P 500 ETF)

Any interest from the community in 3x levered ETFs such as UPRO? It could be a really interesting synthetic because it allows for greater capital efficiency for both the longs and the minters. We just run it with a higher collateral ratio than the regular SPY. Also, since it’s a broad market index it should be relevant indefinitely.

I think this brings about risks that may be unforeseen by users who are not familiar with things like beta slippage.

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I feel like it’s too early to add these types of more complex products to the platform. It’s likely that there will be crypto native solutions to leveraged trading coming from complementary platforms like Vega and Injective that would relieve Mirror of having to manage another token that may or may not have much volume.

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to me the synthetics created could be used by other app for adding leverage. Adding a synth which is already leveraged would be reflected in a spread or some kind of premiums. I would not support this kind of proposals

would support this. although most of the people will not understand the tracking and how it is not truely 3x (except day to day). but man in a bull market $$$