Using a part of the locked MIR to incentivize the Mirror community

In the beginning of february a lot of new mAssets will be added to the pools. This will lower the overall APR, because the same amount of $MIR now will have to be divided by more pools.

With all the new mAssets, I think we should really focus on getting more attention from the DeFi world. The combination of a wide range of assets plus high APR will get us a lot of eyeballs. Since we are first to market with synthetic assets we need to exploit this position as much as we can.

Before making the proposal I want to know your thought on this.

How much of the locked MIR should we use to incentivize the community?
How long must this promotion run?

I’m very confident that a lot of mAssets + high APR will give us a big advantage over other projects.

Please let me know what you guys think.

Good thinking. Can you do a proposal yourself?

Total Community Pool is 36,6 Million $MIR.

What about 6.6 million $MIR?

What do you want to do with that spending ?

Divide it over all the LP, so APR will be higher.

I really think High APR + a lot of pools is the kickstarter we need for more awareness.

I think you can follow up on that in the dedicated thread here:

and specifically here

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