Using Mirror for Good - Brainstorming

I was just thinking after the spate of attacks during the holiday season, it was encouraging to see the Mirror Community come together to stop the attackers. These attackers attempted to exploit ignorance and greed by pushing get rich schemes and polls pretending to do good for Mirror.

But what if Mirror really did something good with the community funds? Maybe like teaming up with well-known reputable organizations to fund clean water initiatives, help independent farmers stay in business, help people eat, etc.

Those (well-known reputable) organizations could create proposals on their websites, with a MIR wallet address to identify themselves (to avoid scammers again), and pitch proposals to the MIR community like applying for a grant. In addition, they would not be incentivized to just dump all the MIR for money, because should the MIR price go up, they could fund a lot more initiatives.

Just an idea I had sometime ago. In my opinion, this would make MIR very unique in the crypto space and a leader in showing the positive side of crypto, community, and decentralization.

That would be great to see!

The community fund is not yet safe at all. And the pool calling for increasing the deposit amount makes it even harder to warn the community in the future.