Virgin Galatic [NYSE: SPCE] to be added as mAsset - It's mooning already!

Proposal to add Virgin Galatic [NYSE: SPCE] as mAsset on Mirror.

Virgin Galatic is the first publicly traded Space asset which is soon to be included in an ETF. A highly sought after stock which is likely to quite literally soar to the moon. There will be a vast amount of interest in minting and trading Virgin Galatic on the Mirror Protocol.


If you did this oh my gosh please take all my fiat crap money so I can buy some SPCE TSLA and STONKS!! Guys I love this team literally I woke up and wondered where all my DeFi solutions that are actually working are and I took 4 hours to scour the web for L1 synthetics :slight_smile: please integrate this Iā€™m sure there are crypto WSB people dying to toss money at this ;))
Integrate hardware wallet collateral API and I will love u forever :wink: already do but more XD

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If you have MIR and have them staked for governance. - please vote - Its Poll 72! 6 days to go. Please get your fellow MIR holders behind this