Vote missing from governance history

Hi guys, wondering if anyone else has ever had a vote go missing from their governance page?

I can see all the current polls I’ve voted on, except for number 233 (the one about Ford) - it went missing right after the End time passed. I specifically wanted to see the voting reward for this one and compare it to the previous ones since I’d increased my stake right before voting on it. The vote also shows up in my wallet transaction history. Have I simply lost the voting reward for this one, or is it there and just not visible?

maybe you have some filters applied at the top right


I see it in the “Govern” section where it lists the polls themselves, but not in the “My Page” section where it lists the voting rewards and polls that haven’t executed yet. This would make sense if I hadn’t voted on the poll, but I did vote on it, and that vote is in my transaction history to confirm it.

yeah, you are right, there is an issue with Mirror governance contract not distributing rewards to stakers.
they are looking into it, according to discord.


I think this should be fixed once this poll passes on Mirror:


ok, that makes sense, the transactions are being held up due to automated processes not being flexible enough so they’re not listed yet because they haven’t happened - so I should expect to see this same behavior with the upcoming polls to be executed in about 12 hours from now?

I think same is expected until Poll 240 passes and the fix is applied

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is there a way to check on whether this process is working correctly? things still seem screwy