Vote NO on 185 and 198 - Spread the word

It is a bit alarming that we have yet another proposal originating from a new wallet (1 day old) that would send 15 million MIR ($37 million) from the community pool to the new wallet that has a current Yes:No vote ratio of 4:1. Please spread the word through all platforms to vote down this proposal.


We can agree on this that it is baffling that after all that has occurred lately people would vote yes to transfer half the entire community pool. I can not say it is a scam or not as we do not have enough information but again we can agree it is not presented well and the amount is tremendous at half the community pool.


Yeah one “fat fingering” a zero - means no basic attention to detail. Another creating a website anyone can put together and we’re supposed to fund that. If either pass it will be damning for MIR and the community at large.


Bad Impressions, but a path forward.

We understand calls for a scam on this proposal as it does give the appearance of the rest of the scam proposals Mirror receives on a continual basis. We are trying to actively engage with you all to find the best way to still accomplish the goals. As it does seem nobody has an issue with MirAssets markets on Solana, and incentivizing that Liquidity with Options incentives. The issues lay with us and the mechanisms. Which we believe is a positive note for MIR growth.

With that being said let us find a way to do it that fits reasonable parameters to implement.

  • A whale/dev multisig wallet to propose a new Community spend of MIR.
  • Same multisig individuals establish a Solana multisig wallet
  • Approval of Community spend → Multisigners transfer Mir from one chain to another
  • Once on Solana, Multisig converts and spend MIR to establish MirAsset Markers ~3SOL each
  • After establishing markets → Multisig Sets up Atrix LP pools for each MirAsset Market ~3SOL each
  • Remaining MIR gets locked into Covered Call Options to be dropped on MirAsset LP participants in Atrix
  • If/When Call Options are exercised- MultiSigners can transfer collected execution costs back to Community Treasury for future uses

If options rewards incentivizes enough liquidity providers, and decent volume in the Solana Markets, look to bridge more assets and create more pairs incentivized with options as to avoid farm and dumping MIR.

Anyone that would like to help out on this, write up a better proposal with us, get the most community approved people on board, please reach out and lets accomplish this together.