Vote NO on 204 and 206 - Stop this

Community spend polls are out of hand. Scammers are trying for every chance to steal our MIRs. They even create polls warning about other scammers that is a community spend poll as well. We need to halt Community-Spend polls until we agree on a solution. What the hell is this poll???


Agreed bro, the governance section is going totally out of control.


It is totally disgusting - bunch of degenerate scum looking to exploit the situation. Basically the scammers created a series of new fraud polls to confuse people, defraud again, and hide the original warnings regarding Poll 185.

The new fraud polls were created by new wallets created today; these wallets should be frozen ASAP:
terra180n6xmgyeh7ndzt8r2aav6lqhwyw8drnedxp7c (Fraud Polls 206 and 207 trying to steal 500,000 MIR)
terra1ng7h7j22tc5588j2vny29yg39auv5ptl7mnga8 (Fraud Poll 204 trying to steal 25,000 MIR)

This appears to be a coordinated effort as both wallets were created 30 minutes apart.