VOTE NO: Poll 258, 259 - Incorrect Parameter Changes

Hey all,
I’m here to PERSONALLY address the issue at hand with polls 258 and 259.
(This is not the MSC’s job)

Poll 258: Incorrectly adjusts the collateral multiplier
This means that ALL users who are using mVIXY as collateral will be liquidated as it would require you to hold 130x the mAsset as collateral as compared to now for said positions.

Poll 259: Incorrectly adjusts the collateral discount
The goal of this poll was to lower MCRs to 130%, NOT to adjust collateral discount %'s, another mistake by the user who created the last poll. This poll was created as a duplicate fix to poll 258 and still it was incorrectly set up.

Please vote NO on MY poll (Poll ID: 260) so I do not lose my deposit as a result of failed quorum.

If you don’t mind reading through walls of bickering and shit-posting, here’s the original users forum post.


Thankyou for pushing the NO vote rather than Abstain. I will personally help refund your deposit if mine are returned and somehow yours are not.

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