[Warning] Anchor Earn is frozen, positions with aUST as collateral may get rekt

At 5:47 am (EST) Prop 29 went live on Anchor Protocol. One of the consequence of that is that we can no longer deposit UST on Anchor Protocol and receive aUST in exchange.

Because of that, every users having an opened borrow position on Mirror Protocol using aUST as collateral is now facing a margin call without having the chance to do anything since if the price of a given mAsset goes up, the user can no longer mint new aUST to increase its collateral on its position.


Yes. In a vote the stupid decision has been made not to be able to use the Earn or Protocol Anchor and consequently it is not possible to use the aUST as collateral in Mirror Protocol. If you want to do a farming, you have to do it directly with the USTC, both to use it as collateral of the loan and the addition to the collateral to do the farming.

I understand that if you close a farming position you will be added AUST to your wallet and the USTs should be deployed in the EARN of Anchor Protocol.
As the vote was supporting the proposal, I decided to stop directly using the Earn of Anchor Protocol, to avoid blockages (although in theory you should be able to operate with the aUSTs that are generated).