Weights for mAssets


I’m having trouble finding the weights for each mAsset? Which assets are considered to be “newly whitelisted”? Is there a list somewhere that I can look up these weight values?

“Mirror Protocol distributes rewards to each mAsset staking pools in Staking contract based on the weight parameter of each mAsset. mAsset pools as well as the MIR pool. All mAsset-UST staking pools receive a weight of 100 (newly whitelisted mAssets will have weight of 30), while the MIR pool receives a weight of 300. Therefore, there is a stronger reward incentive to stake to MIR pool as they confer 3 times the reward when staked relative to mAssets.”

The term newly whitelisted is applied to assets that have been listed through governance consensus. So assets like mCOIN, mDOT that were not included in the initial set of mAssets have weight of 30, and assets like mAAPL, mMSFT have 100.

We do not have a user / web interface that shows the weight of each asset, but if you go to Mirror and choose an asset, you can find the ratio of weight for each asset by selecting one. Or you can simply query distribution_info on the Factory contract to find the weight of all assets at the same time.