Weird liquidation that shouldn't have happened

Hi guys,
maybe someone can explain me what happened because I don’t understand why my mPYPL position got liquidated:
I opened a mPYPL short on Jan 18th, got 182.851 UST per mPYPL, with a bit of a premium.

My short got liquidated on Jan 28th; even though the oracle price should have been around 157 UST. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Here are the two transactions:

Could anyone explain me what happened here? Am I completely stupid?


See this post - Don't liquidate outside regular trading hours - #11 by FreddieChopin - and a few before this one.

it can happen
i lost 50 k iin the past same storie but different and related

only few people know , but it can happen to everyone
Now i know.