Welcome to the Mirror Protocol Forum

Welcome to the Mirror Protocol Forum, a public forum dedicated to discussing all things related to the Mirror Protocol. This is a safe place to share interesting ideas and get feedback about any proposals that you may have. The original Mirror Protocol team will also be actively sharing posts to gather community feedback, so don’t be shy!

All well-reasoned discussions regarding the Mirror Protocol and its applications is welcome. Some of the topics we would like to focus on are:

New mAssets
Liquidity Provision

If you are new to the Mirror Protocol, please make sure to read through the white paper or the following summary before joining the discussion.

For resources about utilizing the Mirror Protocol web interfaces, please see:

Mirror User Guide: https://mirror-protocol.medium.com/mirror-user-guide-fb1cc4a28258
Video from a community member: Mirror protocol and Terra - LUNA news - YouTube
How to earn MIR tokens: Mirror Token (MIR) - mirror
Trade MIR on Uniswap: Uniswap Interface
Trade MIR on Terraswap: Mirror
Send tokens Terra<>Ethereum: Mirror on Ethereum - mirror

The following resources will also be helpful:

Website: mirror.finance
Github: https://github.com/Mirror-Protocol
Docs: docs.mirror.finance
Discord: https://discord.gg/KYC22sngFn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirror_protocol
Chinese TG: https://t.me/MirrorChinaCommunity

News coverage about the Mirror Protocol can be found on the Mirror Protocol homepage. Some notable reports include:

Coindesk exclusive: Terra Brings 24-Hour Trading to Synthetic Versions of Stocks Like TSLA and AAPL - CoinDesk
ArringtonXRP research report: The Standard For Synthetic Assets: Mirror – Arrington XRP Capital

This is not the place for:

Announcements. For that, visit https://t.me/terra_announcements
General discussions. For that, visit https://discord.gg/KYC22sngFn
Basic tech questions. For that, visit https://github.com/Mirror-Protocol or docs.mirror.finance

If our admins notice that your noise level is high, you will be banned from our forum. So stay true to the purpose of this forum and focus on quality discussions.

Last but not least, be respectful. We will not tolerate any insults, racism, harassment or threats against members, even as a joke.