Wen Solana /Serum?

mAsset trading on Mirror on both Terra and Ethereum is expensive. There is a 0.3% trading fee + slippage + gas. For traditional stock investors, that is a really high fee relative to what we are accustomed to with online brokers (0% fees). There are other incentives to use Mirror, but having mAssets trade on Serum (on Solana) with an order book would cut the cost of trading and expand the reach of mAssets. For the long-term growth of Mirror, making mAssets available on an order book with very low fees is critical. Total reliance on x * y = k AMMs will cap the growth of Mirror long-term.

Is this something on the road map for this year?

I cannot agree more. Now Mirror is kind of unique, allowing to trade mAssets in a permission-less manner. If one has access to FTX.com one can trade much greater selection of stock tokens. Also it is done in a more convenient manner as one can trade crypto, stocks, leveraged tokens, prediction tokens on a single platform. I did not check their fee structure. It may also be cheaper or will be cheaper. Mirror has to aggressively expand its stock selection, and make trades much cheaper. There is maybe a 6-12 month-window to do this. I expect that during this time competitors like Solana will mature and may eat Mirror’s lunch. Also more trading products like option and other derivative trading will come on Polygon and other Etherium L2 layers. There are only so many traders or advanced traders. Mirror may loose many of them to other upcoming exchanges.

People here ask questions how to grow user base and drive adoption. The easiest and best way to do it, is to create a superior product. Then user base will grow exponentially by the word of mouth. Think Google, which did not spend much on marketing but still grew tremendously.

Bottom line, expand stock offerings, bring down trading fees at least in line with competitors or die…