What Incentive Is There To Mint DOT and BTC on Mirror?

With the mBTC and mDOT asset weights being modified to 0.01, what incentive is there for people to mint and trade crypto on Mirror versus the plethora of other platforms available? The crypto asset weights were already less than stocks at 0.3 vs 1 and with people having no incentive to trade these assets on Mirror, it makes Mirror an overall less attractive platform and hands over trades and trading fees to other networks.

Should the mETH proposal fail, and I think it will, I propose we re-establish the asset weights of mDOT and mBTC back to 0.3 in line with mETH.

The account that made these proposals (in addition to the scam proposal 177 to steal 5% of community tokens) is currently providing liquidity for large amounts of gold, silver, and stocks, (approx $500k+?) and based on their bad faith in poll 177, it is reasonable to assume they are also pushing these polls for selfish purposes rather than the interest of the whole community.



The weighting for mDOT and mBTC should be restored to the original values ASAP to avoid the users move on and take the capitals elsewhere.

There are no obvious competitors providing similar mStocks assets. However, Synthetix.io does provide synthetic assets (sBTC, sETH, sDOT, sLINK). The existence of the obvious competitor would certainly justify higher weighting for mBTC, mETH, mDOT.

A weighting of 0.01 would certainly kill any incentives for the user to mint mCryptos and eventually kill mirror protocol. Higher weighting would definitely help to lock significant values within Mirror protocol system and bump up MIR price. Elevated MIR price would prevent the farmers from selling MIR.


I agree with this and think we did jump the gun on lowering those weights. We are still very early in the adoption cycle and need to give it more time. I have seen similar adoption of x-chain synthetics on a previous project I was on… we considered dropping support for them and out of nowhere we started seeing higher demand for the assets. With LUNA/USt adoption will come greater demand for all things terra. Lets give it some time.