What to do When you get hacked?

Hi guys, Just realised I got hacked from both Mirror and Anchor protocol. Does anybody could advise on what to do in this case? All my money have disappeared, I can find a contact details in any of the apps. thanks

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you lost your money, that is it, there are no contact details on any of the dapps, bcs NO ONE can reverse the transaction and give you back your money, best you can do is get insurance

Hi guys,

Thanks for your reply. I realised I wont get my money back. Money aside I was looking for a contact yo report the criminals and a way to block my account, because my information is out there now.

What information, you don’t do KYC or anything other. There is no way to block your account, you can report addresses from criminals to many places (I don’t know where I am as far from the legal side as possible). They can find out where they send their money and track it, then CEX-es can block those addresses meaning criminals have very hard time taking their money.

best thing to do is to try and track funds to a centralized exchange, notify the exchange, and involve the police, as exchanges can maybe temporarily freeze the account, but without a proper command of the authority - can’t do much more than that (and they will only give out kyc information of the account to the police also)

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Thank you for your advise.