Where is the MSC?

Can we have an update of some sort?

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MSC is a group of independent volunteers that banded together to provide research on potential improvements to Mirror. We do not have any more access to information or ability to migrate contracts than anybody else in the community.

As individuals, members of MSC lost as much as, if not more than, any other members of the community that are not connected to TFL in some way. There has been very little interest in the MSC chats about continuing involvement with Mirror, but there has been consistent agreement that we should leave the MSC Treasury until somebody decides to actually do something with it to the benefit of Mirror (you can check the multisig).

MSC is not in charge of anything except for is own multisig. We don’t have any more authority than you do, and now we don’t have any more information than you do. If enough MSC members show interest in continuing then we will provide updates about MSC, but we can’t provide updates about Mirror because we are not in charge of Mirror and never were.

thank you for the reply. i think we all (or most) understand the bad spot you and MSC are in. But as non-developers we feel rather helpless. is there a way that we can get the website functional and change the price feed on LUNA/LUNAC so the the collateral bug goes away. not sure anyone cares about a governance vote right now, just need a good Samaritan to stop the bleeding.

Or should we all just assume this is a total loss? would be too bad since the farming rewards are are finally valuable.

thanks for at least trying with MSC, it was a valiant effort.

Completely agree on this. I don’t think Mirror is over and actually it continues to serve the purpose and we still can make money on this project and improve it.

Shame on that person who uses an exploit to kill the project. I really hope that Mirror Devs will be here to support their “baby”

If it’s still worth it to you at a couple cents on the dollar then keep trying, but probably total loss, IMHO. I don’t know whether any devs at all are still looking at it going forward.

understood and thanks for the response. My plan was to use this as a way to keep accumulating USTC. I do believe that there will be a plan to improve Terra Classic which will give a bid to USTC and if it goes to $.10/$.25 then keeping the Mirror Protocol alive for the rest of the year will have been worthwhile. I would even be willing to pay for it myself, if i knew the cost.