Whitelist the most advanced battery recycler in the world

“The average person is already saying, ‘What happens to all the batteries? They’re hazardous and toxic–are we going to landfill them?’ Our point is that won’t happen,”.

But what if there was a technology that could readily recycle all that waste without generating pollution in the process? What if someone could economically recover not only the high-value metals like nickel and cobalt, but the lower-value components too? Li-Cycle Corp. says it’s that someone, with exactly that technology.

Launched on 11 August and so far only listed on Robinhood, by my data. Whatever our stand on whether lithium, cadmium and nickel extraction is more or less polluting than oil extraction, I think we can all agree that battery recycling is a no- brainer for curtailing pollution and subsequently global warming. By my research, there is no other company that boasts the technology of Li Cycle, hence it would be a great perk to have this listed on our mirror assets. What do you think ? Should we vote on mlisting this ? Thank you.

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I think it’s a Great idea,
I would even venture to suggest comodities needed for renewables and high-end technologies like uranium, carbon, copper, neodimium, etc

I agree, thank you for your contribution. Indeed, commodities like primary materials for batteries will likely become at least as important as timber, aluminum, gas or oil.