WHITELIST: Vanguard Total World Index fund (VT) as an mASSET (mVT)

There is widespread awareness that the best way to invest long term is through the use of cheap and properly diversified index funds.

Getting the returns of the market has shown to be more profitable than active investinf in more that 95% of cases

VT is a great example of such fund. 0.08% annual fees, passively managed, diversified to the entire world

It would definetively be an amazing addition.

What do you people think?

I think it does not provide much differentiation compared to the existing set of mAssets on Mirror, dilutes the APRs from the current emission schedule, and discards the fact that we’ll have a much more robust way of building ETFs when Spar and Nebula go live.

But I respect your approach to check the temperature here in the forum first - not like 90% of the poll submitters

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Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!

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Mirror mechanics are not really setup for buy-and-hold strategies (which you are right they tend to provide the best wealth creation). A real push in this direction would probably require shifting the fee structure to an ongoing fee as opposed to the single fee at the back-end. Additionally, dividends are not captured by the oracle, so there will be a pretty significant long-term drag using mAssets with a buy-and-hold strategy.