Whitlelist Van Eck Rare Earths/Strategic metals ETF

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For your consideration:

The ETF tracks a number of mining stocks involved in extracting all the good stuff used in making renewable energy sources and electronics. These will see a massive increase in demand in coming years.

Currently, some 44 elements in the periodic table are considered rare earth/strategic metals, and include cerium, manganese, titanium and tungsten. Strategic metals are used in myriad technologies such as jet engines, hybrid cars, steel alloys, wind turbines, flat screen televisions and cellular phones. Rare earth metals, a subset of strategic metals, are a collection of 17 chemical elements that are essential in many of today’s most advanced technologies, with particular applications in electronics.

Its fairly cheap at the moment at average PE 18 but could see significant upside in coming years.

We dont have any mining stocks on mirror yet and I think this is a much more 21st century play than for example the gdx or other peter schiff recommendations.

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